Money Med School

Personal finance made so simple, even a doctor can do it 😉

Surgeon in blue scrubs smiling, holding a Bitcoin mug, whilst leaning against a blue Tesla. This image expresses the philosophy of Money Med School, which is that money is fun and you can use it to buy nice things for yourself.

When it comes to your money

You may be thinking…

  • It would be nice to have your finances sorted out, but you’re too busy practicing medicine to deal with it
  • If you knew what to do, you’d do it, but where do you begin?
  • BOR-ing!
  • Or maybe, can’t someone else just take care of it?

I get it. You didn't go into medicine to deal with money.

But wouldn't it be nice to...

  • Be totally financially organized, once and for all
  • Feel good about your finances
  • Have a simple way to manage your money that saves you time
  • Stay in control of your money 
  • Have someone to help you out

All while knowing that your money is in the best hands possible–yours.

There is a way to do this!

Money Med School

At Money Med School, you'll learn all the money stuff they never taught you in med school.

Is this you?

Black & white emoji saying aagh! to express frustration with student loans

Student Loans Rule Your Life

You hate feeling like your massive student loan debt owns you. You've actually had a panic attack thinking about how much you owe. You're trapped in your job because it's the only way to afford the loan payments. It feels hopeless, like you'll never pay them off and there's no end in sight.

Black & white emoji, with huge eyes and a zig zag line for a mouth, expressing worry about retirement.

You're Worried You Won't Have Enough for Retirement

Even though you make more than most people, you don't have a handle on it, so you're not sure if you'll have enough for retirement, 'cause you don't have a plan. You're embarrassed because doctors aren't supposed to have "money problems".

Black & white emoji, with large black eyes, raised eyebrows and a wavy line for a mouth, expressing self doubt over money.

You Think You're Bad with Money

Somehow you picked up the idea that you're bad with money. Maybe your family never talked about money, so you never learned how to manage it. You beat yourself up over every money mistake you've made, and you tell yourself you're lazy, dumb and just no good with money

Black & white emoji, with stars in its eyes and a big smile, expressing how it would like to feel about its money (happy).

You Want to Feel Better About Your Finances

Money makes you feel bad, so you avoid it. That only makes the problem worse. The worse you feel, the more you avoid it, and the worse the problem gets. You want to break free from this vicious cycle.

Black and white emoji, with large eyes, a circle for a mouth and a big question mark in a bubble over its head, expressing wonder over how to get help with money.

You Want Help with Your Money...But How?

You wish you could just hire someone to deal with your money for you, but you don't know who to trust, and you've heard horror stories from other doctors who got ripped off by financial advisers or insurance salespeople.

Black & white emoji, with large eyes and a small flat line for a mouth, expressing the feeling of being stuck when it comes to figuring out what to do with money.

You're Stuck

No option seems good, so you don't do anything. Meanwhile, you don't have a handle on things so you're always uneasy when it comes to your finances. You can probably afford things (?), but you're never totally sure. You want to start investing & you wish you knew how.

The solution:

Money Med School

The only personal finance program designed for busy doctors, by a busy doctor, that takes you step-by-step through mastering your cash flow, setting up your investments, managing your student loans, and protecting it all...

So that you can control your finances in as little time as possible, without losing money to a financial advisor or dying of boredom.

Money Med School

A program for busy doctors that helps you take charge of your finances and feel great about your money!

High-Yield Learning

Learning is high-yield only, simple and fun. Just the facts you need to know, and no boring minutia.


You'll take action with your new knowledge right away. And you'll set up a Total Money System that does the heavy lifting for you.


You're supported the whole way with 2 individual strategy calls, monthly group calls and a private Money Med School Facebook community.





Complete the Money Med School video modules & set up your Total Money System on your own schedule.

Take Action

Put your knowledge into practice & effortlessly stay on top of your finances.

Get Support

You'll be part of a community of like-minded physicians--get your money ducks in a row together! There's nothing like a community to help you take action and implement what you've learned. Plus, you'll have individual strategy calls with me. You're entirely supported along the way!

Money Med School gives you all the tools, tips & tricks you need to:

  • Finally understand WTF “investing” means & exactly how to do it easily.
  • Tackle your student loans.
  • Put your money to work for you, so your money is earning money.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed when it comes to money, because you know exactly what to do.
  • Finally take action with your finances, instead of just learning more factoids.

After completing Money Med School, you'll:

  • Completely understand your personal finances–you’ll know your money sitch inside and out.
  • Actually feel good about it! You’ve taken control of your money and you know you’re on track.
  • Feel hope that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with your student loans, because you know exactly how & when they’ll be paid off.
  • Have all your investment accounts set up & growing money
  • Be totally financially organized, once and for all.
  • Realize just how easy it is to successfully stay on top of your money.
5 yellow rubber duckies, all in a row, to illustrate the concept of "get your financial ducks in a row". Three are facing left, the second to the left duck has sunglasses on and a stethoscope, and is facing the reader. This duck is a cool, calm and collected doctor duck who has taken control of it's finances with Money Med School teaches simple personal finances for doctors.

You won’t just learn what to do, you’ll actually do it! 

All within a shame-free, supportive community of like-minded physicians. 

You’re not alone. 

The Importance of Community

There’s nothing like a community of supportive friends and colleagues to help you take action. 

  • You can bounce ideas off each other.
  • See what worked for people.
  • Crowdsource your questions.
  • Understand in a new way with different points-of-view.


The energy of the group is a powerful tool that you won’t find elsewhere. That’s because there are no other groups like Money Med School students: we laugh and have fun, we’re kinda irreverent, we care deeply and want to help, and we don’t believe that shame, criticism and mansplaining are useful learning tactics. 

This is a safe space to have your lattes & avocado toast with no judgment. 😉


You'll get The Complete Money Med School Program

Which Includes:

Photo of computer, tablet and smartphone, all displaying the Money Med School course.

6 Learning Modules

Lifetime access, including updates:

  • Video modules
  • Audio option for learning on the go
  • Written transcripts
  • Step-by-step action plans that take you from learning to doing & taking action right away

Total Money System Tools

  • Proprietary tools you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Master Spreadsheet-for those of us who don’t like spreadsheets-NO UGLY GRIDS-it’s easy on the eyes! All of your numbers in one place.  Quick snapshots so you can tell if you’re on track.
  • Personal Finance Journal, AKA Peripheral Brain. Mindset work, goal setting & a to-do list all-in-one.  It takes the mental load out of mastering your money.


  • Individual: 2 personal strategy calls with me, to set your goals and review your plan
  • Group: Monthly Q&A calls and access to a private Money Med School Facebook community.
  • Plus, you can e-mail me if you have private questions.

What Money Med School Students are Saying

Money Med School gave my husband and I the opportunity to have important money conversations. We got to focus on new investing ideas and develop our portfolio even more. I am pretty financially savvy, and I still learned a ton of new useful info in Money Med School.  I wish I had learned it sooner, but it's never too late!
Dr. Liz A.R.
Trauma Surgery & Critical Care
Hearing that there was a program like Money Med School out there was a relief for me and my husband. We are both busy physicians who never made a financial organization system as a couple. We did not know where to start. Our old way of putting out fires as they came into our inbox was not working. A plan to keep track of what is coming in and going out, and having a clear system to catch all of it without missing things was the most gratifying part for us. The system is well thought out, and is clear about how to implement it. The solid info on the types of investments out there, disability, student loans, information security and many more topics was icing on the cake. We learned an enormous amount, even though I thought we were pretty well versed in many of the topics. For anyone feeling overwhelmed with where to begin to move to clean, organized finances, this is an excellent investment. Dr. Wagner is very detailed in the program she has created, and it was fun as well as life changing for our financial disarray, and the stress it has caused.
Dr. Lucy D.
I think this course was good for me for many reasons: It gave me more confidence about things --that I wasn’t doing everything wrong. I learned a lot about LLCs, real estate syndicates, and the stock market. I feel like I could take this course 3 more times.
Dr. V. K.
Pediatric Gastroenterology

Yes! I'm ready to master my finances!

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  • Take-Action Homework ($800 value)
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What successful students want to know

No one will care for your money better than you will.  Because it’s your money!

Once you learn how to do it (and it won’t take long), you’ll be unstoppable when it comes to building Whealth.  (That’s Financial Wellness: Wealth + Health = Whealth.)

Financial Wellness is part of your overall wellness. A financial adviser can’t look out for your wellness.  Its’ something you’ve got to do for yourself.  Money Med School teaches you how.

Money Med School is designed for busy docs.

The course is paced, so each week you’ll receive one new module that you can complete as fast or slow as you like.

Once your system is set up, you will be able to control your finances in just 30 minutes a month.

If it all feels like too much, or you just want to get up and running ASAP,  I’ll set up your system for you.

Listen, what sounds boring about Putting the F-Yeah in Finance?

I hear you.  Just the word “finance” conjures bland images of gray cubicles, TPS reports and generic uniforms of light blue button-down shirts paired with front-pleated khakis.

That’s what I used to think of when I thought of finance.

But once you learn how to do it (and it won’t take long), it gets fun because you can see all the cool stuff you can do with your money to grow Whealth.  Most finance teachers are dry AF, but  Money Med School does it differently: video modules are short & sweet, and fun, so learning is easy and you won’t die of boredom.

No, you don’t.  

No one will care for your money better than you, because it’s not their money!

Financial advisers won’t teach you how to do it, because they need to keep you dependent upon them for continued business.

Not only that, but there are some things that financial advisers just can’t help you with:

1. Investing your money outside of the stock market, like in real estate, or crypto.

2. Managing your day-to-day finances and understanding your cashflow.

3.  Sharing the vision of the life you want to create, and teaching you how to use your money to make it happen.

It helps to know how financial advisers are paid. They may charge a flat fee, a percentage of your invested money (Assets Under Management, AUM) or both.  They also make commissions from selling you insurance products, like disability insurance or life insurance.  Some advisers may say they can get you quotes from all the insurance companies, so they’re not biased, but they still make commissions from any insurance product they sell.  And the more expensive the policy, the more their commission is.  So, the adviser’s interests and yours are not always aligned.

Advisers may seem like they have your best interests at heart when they tell you to invest as much as possible in the stock market,  and buy the insurance with the most protections in the policy.  But when you know they get paid based on the amount of money you’ve invested in the stock market, and the amount of protections in your insurance policy, it’s clear that your interests aren’t aligned. 

I would love to support you individually.  There are three ways we can work together one-on-one: you can schedule a Q&A call, a Personal Finance Strategy Session, or  I can set up your Total Money System for you.  

Money Med School is designed by a doctor, for doctors, so it’s high-yield only. (I know what it’s like to try to learn when you’re sleep deprived and busy.)

What sets Money Med School Apart:

  2. Support 
  3. Fun



Most courses give you the information, then leave you on your own to figure out what to do with it. The result? You don’t do anything! Money Med School teaches you the info PLUS how to actually USE it. The Money Med School Total Money System gets you taking action with your money right away, so you’ll actually use the knowledge you just learned! The Total Money System keeps you financially organized, and in control of your money. It’s the secret time-saving tool that keeps you on top of your finances in just 30 minutes a month.  


You won’t find this combination of continuous live monthly support, in a no-shame, no-judgments community anywhere else.  The community offers accountability and lifelong learning in an inclusive, welcoming setting, where your questions are welcomed.

Learning together in a supportive community with like-minded physicians who are all working to get their financial shit together is so important for wellness.  We benefit by supporting each other on our paths to wellness.

The Money Med School community holds us all accountable.  Every month we show up and slay together, as we knock out our monthly money check in.

Lifelong learning: learning is a two-way street.  We all learn from each other.  Just like in training, we learned from fellow students and residents, and even as attendings we learn from our students and residents.  Your questions make the community stronger, and they help me keep the course constantly improving, so I can target updates to the areas you need help with the most.


You learn better when it’s fun.  Plus, we all need more fun in our lives!

Please contact me at jwagner @ to ask!

Meet Janelle Wagner, MD, FACS

Creator of Money Med School

Portrait of Dr. Janelle Wagner, founder of Money Med School, to accompany her bio text (about text). She's wearing sunglasses on her head, smiling, and holds a mug that says "Please do not confuse your Google search with my Medical Degree". Money Med School teaches simple personal finance for doctors.

I used to be a Money Ostrich, hiding my head in the sand when it came to money…and now I’m a Money Nerd.  Wait, should I be proud of that? Actually, yes!  I used to feel just like you— every one of those feelings up there applied to me.  

I didn’t know anything about money and I assumed I was bad at it. I thought hiring a financial adviser was my only option.  I certainly couldn’t figure it out myself, could I? 

Turns out, personal finance is pretty simple.  I was approaching it like it was as hard as practicing medicine, and it’s not even close!

I finally took my head out of the sand and created my own system for managing my personal finances—one that doesn’t take loads of time or energy, yet keeps me in control of my money at all times.  

If I can do it, so can you, especially since I’ve already set up the system for you! I’m on a mission to share this program and help as many doctors as possible achieve financial wellness.

I’m not a financial adviser. 

I don’t sell insurance. 

I teach fellow physicians how to put the F-Yeah! in Finance.

Here's What I'll Teach You In Money Med School

Proprietary Tools

Take Action Worksheets


I'm ready to enroll in Money Med School!

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  • Lifetime access to video lessons, plus updates ($2,000 value)
  • Learn on-the-go audio lessons ($350 value)
  • Written transcripts ($150 value)
  • Take-Action Homework ($800 value)
  • Master Spreadsheet Tool ($1500 value)
  • Personal Finance Journal Tool ($650 value)
  • Live Support with Monthly Q&A Calls ($750 value)
  • Membership to Private Money Med School Community ($350 value)
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