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5 yellow rubber duckies, all in a row, to illustrate the concept of "get your financial ducks in a row". Three are facing left, the second to the left duck has sunglasses on and a stethoscope, and is facing the reader. This duck is a cool, calm and collected doctor duck who has taken control of it's finances with Money Med School teaches simple personal finances for doctors.


Does the term ‘personal finance’ make you go WTF? 

Do you think the world of personal finance is a black hole of mystery and terror?

Is the idea of figuring out your personal finances so confusing that you immediately feel overwhelmed and never get started?

A yellow rubber ducky faces the reader. It's wearing sunglasses, because it's cool, and it's wearing a stethoscope because it's a doctor duck. The duck shows the reader how cool you can be once your finances are under control.

Tired of clicking “Start Here” on a personal finance blog, hoping for a plan, only to find a random mess of recycled blog posts? Now you’re frustrated AND overwhelmed, ’cause you still don’t know where to start.  It’s enough to make you give up.

But wait! Don’t.

You can easily understand the Wonderful World of Personal Finance at-a-Glance with the Money Med School Money Map.

Hi, I’m Janelle Wagner, Surgeon & Money Nerd.

This is the personal finance overview that I wish I had had when I was a new attending.  Back then I thought my only option was to hand over the reins (and my money) to a financial adviser.

Now I know that’s not true. Personal finance is way easier than you’ve been led to believe. You can master your money easily, without dying of boredom (and avoid the costly mistakes of an adviser)!

Portrait of Dr. Janelle Wagner, founder of Money Med School, to accompany her bio text (about text). She's wearing sunglasses on her head, smiling, and holds a mug that says "Please do not confuse your Google search with my Medical Degree". Money Med School teaches simple personal finance for doctors.

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