What Are Index Funds?

Get cozy with investing part 3: index funds! What you get when you put stock indices together with mutual funds or ETFs

Index funds: the scrumdiddlyumptious combination of stock indicies and mutual funds/ETFs!

What is a stock index?

Get Cozy w/Investing Step 2: WTF is a Stock Index

Step 2 of How to Become a Comfy Investor: Know what a stock index is and get cozy with the S&P 500.

What Does a Financial Advisor Really Cost You?

Does your financial adviser charge you 1% “AUM”? Or 1.5% or even 2% Assets Under Management? That means they take a fee of 1-2% of ALL of your money that’s invested in the stock market. Doesn’t sound like a lot, right? Actually, it’s a shit-ton of money over the life of your investments. In the […]