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Personal finance made so simple, even a doctor can do it 😉

Surgeon in blue scrubs smiling, holding a Bitcoin mug, whilst leaning against a blue Tesla. This image expresses the philosophy of Money Med School, which is that money is fun and you can use it to buy nice things for yourself.

Doctors and Money...

We don’t have the best track record.  We didn’t go into medicine to get rich.  We’re a little busy with our careers… so we kinda forget about money.  Or, we think it’s icky to be “Rich”.  The result? We work really hard to earn our money, and then we ignore it. 

The Problem...

is that our finances are a mess, and even though there might be a lot of money coming in, there’s a lot more going out.  Or maybe not? We have no idea!  It’s not like they ever taught us how to handle money in med school.  Plus, money stuff is boring.  The whole topic feels so overwhelming, sometimes you’d rather stick a fork in your eye than deal with it.

It's Too Complicated

Maybe you think you can’t figure it out.  It’s too complicated.  Are you kidding me? You know what glomerulonephritis is, but you don’t think you can learn to invest?

Can't Someone Else Take Care of It?

Maybe you’d prefer to just hand all your money over to someone else to deal with it.  You know, like a professional…?  That’s a good plan, if you like to lose money.  They’ll take your money for sure.  They may even make more money off of your money than you will! 


I’m here to tell you that all of the above is total BS.  You are smart AF, you’re a lifelong learner, and you can totally, 100% learn to successfully manage your personal finances while keeping a full time job, and without dying of boredom.  In fact, no one else will care for your money as well as you will, because it’s YOUR money! 

I believe that mastering your money is key to financial wellness, and financial wellness is key to overall personal wellness.  I’m on a mission to help as many physicians achieve financial wellness as possible. It’s my goal to put you in charge of your money, so that you can use it to create the life you want. 

I’ve created Money Med School to help you do just that.  Here, you’ll find loads of free resources on the Blog and YouTube channel

My signature program, Money Med School, teaches you the rules of personal finance and gets you taking action with a simple SYSTEM that  keeps you in control of your money in just 30 minutes a month.

You’ll finish Money Med School with all of your financial ducks in a row.


So, what's the deal with Money Med School?
Watch the video to find out!

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