Hero Elementary. A PBS kids show about Four kids with super powers who learn to harness them at Hero Elementary. Just like you can learn to harness your money super powers to achieve financial wellness.

Why Doctor Finances are Different: Money Superpowers!

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How to Master Your Money Superpowers to Achieve Financial Wellness!

My son is four, and he loves a show called “Superhero Elementary”.  This school is where super heroes go to master their super powers.  So, here’s the Money Med School version of Super Hero Elementary.

  1. Acknowledge with gratitude your 6-figure income.  (If you think you’re earning less than you should be, it’s time to do something about it.)  Otherwise, just appreciate.
  2. Maximize your leverage. How much debt do you want to kill and investing do you want to do?  Widen that gap between income and expenses— you could make more, spend less, or both.  Brainstorm.  Have an open mind.
  3. Understand that the rules of personal finances are simple and finite, and you don’t need a 4 year residency to learn how to apply them.  You can learn all you need to know (quickly) here at Money Med School.
  4. Believe that it is GOOD for YOU to build wealth.  It’s good for you to nurture your money and achieve financial wellness.  Take out the mind trash. Wealth and altruism are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, the more financial wellness you have, the more good you can do in the world.  After all, healthy doctors make healthcare better for everyone (including us!).


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5 yellow rubber duckies, all in a row, to illustrate the concept of "get your financial ducks in a row". Three are facing left, the second to the left duck has sunglasses on and a stethoscope, and is facing the reader. This duck is a cool, calm and collected doctor duck who has taken control of it's finances with Money Med School teaches simple personal finances for doctors.